Frequently Asked Questions

TAKE NOTE: Purchases above $50 would be rewarded with goodies šŸ™‚

Where do the products come from?
Most are press samples that have been generously given to me for review. Frequently, they gave me several variants of the same product. I typically just one or two, and then keep the rest for “later use”.

Others are bought at the stores, and then I realise that I don’t have the chance to use them.

After I noticed I’ve been hording them, I thought it’ll be much better if I share the products with others at a price lower than original.

Have the products been used before?
No. They are all brand new (most of them still in their boxes), unless otherwise stated.

How do I purchase?
Drop me an email (that’s kristen[underscore]beautysorority[at]hotmail[dot]com or tweet me at @beautysorority! Let me know which product you want.

How would I receive the product?
I could mail it to you or meet up with you to pass the products to you. I’m flexible like that! Of course, if you choose for mailing, you’d have to pay for the cost. As for meet-up, I could typically do it along the MRT line from Yio Chu Kang station to Jurong East station. However, we could discuss over email or DM to see what’s the best venue to meet.

How do I pay?
I’d prefer that the payment be done before we meet/I send, via bank transfers. I’d send you my bank account details when you drop me an email/DM me.

Will the products be suitable for me?
I prefer not to give you advice like this. However, some of the products have been reviewed by me at my blog. But because our skin types and concerns may be different, please only take the reviews as reference.


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